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We’re here to help. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our award-winning Member Experience team makes sure every reward experience continues the story of success.

因为成功is spoken everywhere

We offer support in 120 languages. Global employee recognition is much more than local rewards; it’s understanding the language of success no matter where it’s being spoken.

Service for your stars

Your stars are all unique, and our Member Experience team goes above and beyond to provide them with service designed to make every reward feel special.

It’s all about love

When someone reaches out to us, we see it as an opportunity to make their day. Our Member Experience team creates "raving fans" – people who love the service they receive and their reward experience so much they have to tell us about it! In 2014 alone, we inspired 5,989 "raving fans".
Member satisfaction 95%


Member satisfaction


Your stars should never settle for second best. Our ultimate tailor-made reward experience provides white-glove service to find exactly what your best employees are looking for.